Kur Kura Crab (St)

Baby crabs marinated with salt and crushed peppercorns than deep fried with rice flour, se...


Sea Food Platter For Two (St)

A medley of tandoori Salmon, King prawns, Monk fish and Tilapia served with salad and mint...


Combo Platter For Two (St)

Selection of Chicken tikka, Seekh kebab,onion bhaji and vegetable samosa served with mint ...


Combo Platter For Two (St)

Selection of Paneer tikka, onion bhaji, vegetable samosa, paneer pakora, served with mint ...


Papdi Chat (St)

Papdi Chaat is an Indian street food snack that is relished a lot. Prepared with short cru...


Onion Bhaiji (St)

Sliced onions mixed with light spices and gram flour then deep fried served with mint sauc...


Fish Amritsari (St)

Named after the city where it originated, Amritsar, Punjab, Tilapia fillet marinated with ...


Bhatti Wali Machi (St)

Monk fish marinated with yoghurt, caraway seeds and spices, cooked over the charcoal and s...


Tuna Tikki (St)

Minced of Tuna fish mixed with chopped ginger, chilli, coriander and light spices, deep fr...


Kebab Platter For Two (St)

A medley of Malai tikka, Chicken tikka, king prawns, Seekh kebab and lamb tikka. served wi...


Roll (Opt. Chicken (St)Paneer Kathi (St))

(Chicken / Paneer Kathi) Kathi roll is street food- originated from Kolkata, India. sauté...


Aloo Tikki (St)

Lightly spiced deep fried potato cake. served with chick peas, tamarind and sweet yoghurt.


Seekh Kebab (St)

Lamb mince marinated with fresh green chillies, ginger, garlic and spices and cooked over ...


Chilli Paneer (St)

Batter fried cottage cheese, tossed with garlic, chilli sauce and Juliane bell peppers. Se...


Samosa (Opt. Mixed Vegetable (St)Minced Lamb (St))

Traditional Indian snack, Fillo pastry stuffed with lightly spiced mixed vegetable or minc...


Garlic Chilli Prawns (St)

Batter fried king prawns tossed in a spicy garlic sauce with bell peppers and onions.


Bhoona Poori (Opt. Shrimps (St)Minced Lamb (St)Chicken (St)Paneer (St))

Deep fried indian bread stuffed with either shrimps, minced lamb, chicken or paneer.


Chicken Chat (St)

Chicken diced simmered in sweet and tangy sauce.


Tandoori Starters and Main

The term tandoor refers to a variety of ovens, the most commonly known is a cylindrical clay oven used for cooking, baking, Roasting and Grilling and cooking for Nan and Roti.The heat for a tandoor was traditionally generated by a charcoal. Tandoori food is very healthy and low fat, exposing the food to live-fire, radiant heat cooking, and hot-air, convection cooking, and smoking by the fat and food juices that drip on to the charcoal.

Paneer Tikka (Opt. StarterMain)

Diced cottage cheese marinated with roasted gram flour, caraway seeds and hung curd. Skewe...


Chicken Tikka (Opt. StarterMain)

Diced chicken breast marinated with yoghurt and homemade spices then cooked over charcoal.


Tandoori Chicken (Opt. StarterMain)

Chicken on the bone marinated with yoghurt and homemade spices cooked over charcoal served...


Shashlik (Opt. ChickenLamb)

Chicken / Lamb skewered with diced onions and bell peppers cooked over charcoal.


Tandoori Lamb Chops (Opt. StarterMain)

Lamb chops marinated in ginger and garlic paste, fresh coriander, green diced cottage chee...


Duck Tikka (Opt. StarterMain)

Duck fillet marinated with tikka masala then skewered and cooked in tandoor.


Tandoori King Prawns (Opt. StarterMain)

King prawns marinated in a homemade tandoori masala, cooked over charcoal.


Salmon Tikka (Opt. StarterMain)

Filleted Scottish salmon marinated in herbs and spices then grilled in the tandoor and ser...


Chicken Malai Tikka (Opt. StarterMain)

This chicken tikka preparation is different than usual chicken tikka, diced, chicken breas...


Traditional Flavours

The traditional food of India has been widely appreciated for its fabulous use of herbs and spices. Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes. The cooking style varies from region to region and is largely divided into South Indian & North Indian cuisine. India is quite famous for its diverse multi cuisine, in Bayleaf kitchen we bring all the famous dishes from different part of India with their original flavour of herb and spices.

Tamarind Chicken

Chicken breast, simmered in sweet and sour flavour tamarind and tomatoes sauce tempered wi...


Chicken Chattinad

Hot South Indian delicacy of chicken breast marinated in spices and served with coconut, s...


Gosht Patiala

Speciality of the Punjab region. lamb on the bone and lamb mince cooked together with whol...


Dhabha Gosht

Home style lamb curry on the bone cooked in a sealed pot with whole spices, onion and toma...


Chicken Mirch Masala

A mouth watering preparation of Shredded Tandoori chicken breast cooked on hot plate with ...


Chicken Tikka Butter Masala

Tandoor roasted chicken tikka simmered in a sweet and tangy tomato and cashew nut gravy.


Chicken Kali Mirchi

Chicken on the bone cooked in a traditional of brown onion rich sauce in ground black pepp...


Murgh Maskawala

Diced chicken breast cooked in onion, tomato and a creamy sauce with hint of cardamom and ...


Chicken Cafreal

Chicken Marinated and then cooked with coriander, mint, green chillies and roasted bay lea...


Methi Chicken

A Hyderabadi delicacy of chicken, Chicken breast simmered in fresh fenugreek leaves, finis...


Desi Chicken Curry

Traditional home made chicken curry, chicken on the bone cooked in a pot with its own stoc...


Gosht Belliram

Diced lamb marinated overnight with spices and yoghurt cooked in a sealed pot.


Rajasthani Lal Maans

Lal Maas is a fiery Rajasthani meat curry. Lamb cooked in a variety of masalas with a burs...


Tamarind Duck

Pan roasted Barberry Duck breast, served with tamarind sauce and pilau rice.


Culcuta Monk Fish

Marinated pieces of Monk fish cooked in a yogurt based gravy. The curry is robust, slightl...


Kerala Fish Curry

Pot roasted Halibut fish steak simmered in a masala rich gravy with hint of tamarind.


Kerala Fish Curry

Pot roasted Halibut fish steak simmered in a masala rich gravy with hint of tamarind.


Machi Begum Bahar

Pan fried Tilapia fillet, simmered in brown onion creamy sauce and served with boil Rice.


Malabari Prawn Curry

King prawns cooked in tamarind, coconut and jaggery making it a perfect south Indian delic...


Goans Prawns Curry

A classic favourite of the Goan region, king prawns cooked in onion, tomatoes and coconut ...


Classics Flavours

Following meat dishes can be prepared with the sauce of your choice listed below, if you cannot find your favourite sauce please ask to your server.

Kadhai (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Onion and tomato sauce cooked with diced bell peppers and onions with aromatic kadhai masa...


Masala (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

A traditional and very popular, creamy, tomato Indian dish, which is bursting full of flav...


Madras (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Hot and spicy curry


Jalfrezi (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Spicy and hot pepper sauce


BHOONA (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Thick onion and tomato sauce cooked on slow flame with spices.


Rogan Josh (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Traditional Indian aromatic curry with cassia and cardamom.


Korma (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

A traditional and very popular dish made with coconut, almond and cashew nuts and finished...


Vindaloo (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Very hot and spicy curry, tempered with curry leaves and dry red chillies.


Do-Piaza (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Cooked with large amount of onions , added in the curry and as a garnish.


Pasanda (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

A delicious almond and cream based curry, garnished with almond flakes.


Patia (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Hot, sweet and sour Parsi curry.


Dhansak (Opt. ChickenChicken TikkaLambLamb TikkaKing Prawns)

Sweet, hot and tangy yellow lentil sauce.



The word Biryani is an Urdu word derived from the Persian language. Rice and Meat or vegetables cooked together in there own stock. There are two basic types of biryani, Pakki and Kachi In pakki biryani, the cooked meat and cooked rice are layered. In the kacchi biryani, raw marinated meat is layered with raw rice before being cooked together. The method of cooking called Dum. All Biryanis served with vegetable curry or tadka dal or Raita.

Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani

Chicken on the bone marinated with yoghurt, mint, ginger and whole spices then cooked with...


Chicken Tamil Biryani

Speciality of Tamil Nadu, popular in South India, chicken on the bone cooked in basmati ri...


Chicken Biryani

Chicken cooked with basmati rice.


Lamb Hyderabadi Biryani

Traditional Hyderabadi style biryani succulent lamb on the bone marinated overnight with y...


Lamb Biryani

Succulent lamb cooked with basmati rice.


King Prawn Biryani

King prawns and basmati rice cooked together.


Subzi Biryani

Flavourful mix of vegetables and cooked with basmati rice.


Vegetarian Mains

Paneer Taka Tak

Shredded paneer tikka simmered in bell pepper sauce.


Paneer Makhani

Diced cottage cheese simmered in a sweet and tangy tomato and cashew nut sauce.


Mutter Paneer

Green peas cooked cottage cheese in a chopped masala and fried onion sauce.


Palak Paneer

Cottage cheese simmered in spinach.


Mushroom Dolmas

Mushroom and cottage cheese simmered in onion and tomato masala finished with a hint of mi...


Malai Kofta

Deep fried potato and paneer balls simmered in a tomato and cashew nut sauce.


Shabnam Curry

Green peas and mushroom curry finished with a touch of cream.


Kashmiri Dum Aloo

A Kashmiri delicacy that now be recreated in your kitchen with ease. Fried potatoes cooked...


Dal Makhani

Dal makhani is a staple food originating from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent...


Vegetarian Sides

Saag Bhaji

Spinach sautéed with garlic, diced onion and peppers.


Aloo Gobhi

Potatoes and fresh cauliflowers cooked together.


Palak Aloo

Potatoes cooked with spinach.


Ghar Ki Dal

Yellow lentils tempered with chopped garlic and cumin seeds.


Amritsari Choley

This is the style of cooking in Punjab, chick peas cooked with


Mushroom Bhaji

Cupped mushroom sautéed in onion and tomato masala.


Bombay Aloo

Potatoes cooked with onion and tomato masala, tempered with black onion seeds.


Saag Channa

Spinach simmered in chick peas.


Dal Makhani

Dal makhani is a staple food originating from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent...


Baigan Ka Bhartha

Roasted mashed eggplant dish, simmered in pan with various spices, onions, ginger and chil...


Masala Bhindi

Okra sautéed with chopped masala and light spices.


Aloo Hara Piaz Ki Sabzi

Baby potatoes simmered in chopped masala and spring onions.


Basmati Rice Flavours

Boiled Rice

Plain boil basmati rice


Pilau Rice

Basmati rice cooked in sealed pot in flavour with whole spiced.


Mushroom Rice

Basmati rice cooked with mushroom.


Lemon Rice

Basmati rice tempered with curry leafs and mustard seeds with flavour of fresh lemon juice...


Special Fried Rice

Basmati rice cooked with boiled eggs and greens peas, garnished with cashew nuts and raisi...


Keema Rice

Basmati rice cooked with lamb minced.


Jeera and Peas Rice

Peas rice tempered with whole Cumin.


Breads/ Rotiya

Keema Nan

Nan stuffed with lamb minced and cooked in Tandoor.


Plain Nan

A classic refined flour leavened bread cooked in Tandoor


Garlic Chilli Nan

Nan cooked with garlic or chopped fresh green chilli.


Chilli, Cheese and coriander Nan

Tandoori cooked nan with cheddar cheese, chilli and fresh coriander.


Peshawari Nan

Sweet mixture of almond powder, coconut powder and mango pulp stuffed nan cooked in Tandoo...


Garlic Nan

Nan cooked with garlic or chopped fresh green chilli.


Lachha Paratha

Crispy and flaky multi layered whole wheat flour bread cooked in tandoor, brushed with but...


Kulcha Nan (Opt. with Paneerwith Potato)

Nan stuffed with paneer or potato.


Mint Paratha

Mint flavoured flaky wheat flour bread cooked in tandoor.



A thin rolled wheat flour bread shallow cooked over griddle.


Tandoori Roti

Wheat flour bread cooked in tandoor.



Popodums (Opt. PlainMasala)

Masala or plain popodums


Kuchumber Salad

Onion, tomatoes and onions mixed with chopped coriander.


Garden Green Salad

Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and onion served with green chillies.


Plain Yoghurt


Mix Raita

Yoghurt mixed with roasted cumin and chopped cucumbers.


Spiced Onion

Chopped onions mixed with spices and tomato ketchup.


Mango Chutney


Mint Chutney






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